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Lab Rule Coasters


Leave your mark (but not on the table)

Lab Rule No. 1
Your data always sounds better when you sound confident.  So, make sure you throw in a few “the data shows” and “my statistical analysis” the next time you talk to your boss.  This handy coaster gives you tips on how to survive in the lab.  So leave it in the lab for that colleague that needs a subtle hint, or take it home and protect your coffee table.

Lab Rule No. 2
We know you’ve been there … patiently waiting for your “babies”, uh we mean your cells, to grow. You want nothing more than to see that petri dish flourish, even if you have to sing to the little babes. So, do whatever it takes: sing, dance, play them some Soft Rock, and get those cells going!

Color: Cream

  • Two square stone coasters with cork backing