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Louis Pasteur Lab Coat

Chance favors only the prepared mind.

—Louis Pasteur


Louis Pasteur Lab Jacket


Chance favors only the prepared mind

The “Father of Microbiology”, Louis Pasteur, made many important medical discoveries that help keep us from contracting certain diseases today.  Pasteur confirmed the germ theory—hat microorganisms, or “germs”, can cause diseases, which is why we have developed the custom of washing our hands.  He also developed many vaccines, including one anthrax, rabies, and a plethora of others in the protection of farm animals.  Perhaps Pasteur’s most famous discovery is something we take for granted as we eat breakfast.  Have you ever heard of “pasteurization?”

Louis knew that “Chance favors only the prepared mind” and he conducted his research with such detail.  May this bright and colorful depiction of Louis Pasteur always remind us that knowledge is power, and research changes the world.

Product Description:

  • Side vent openings to allow you access to your clothing.
  • Tested through 50 industrial launderer washes.
  • 5-ounce, 80/20 poly/combed cotton performance blend poplin
  • One-piece, lined, notched lapel
  • Left chest patch pocket with bar-tacked pencil stall; printed with the message “Chance favors only the prepared mind”
  • Two lower pockets
  • Backside printed picture of Louis Pasteur
  • 5-button closure

Color: White

Care Instructions:

Industrial Wash. Home Wash. Light soil wash.

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